We are e-mobility.
The original. For more than 100 years.

Travel with the original form of electric mobility.

We’ve been travelling in a climate-friendly way for more than 100 years. And you’ve been with us the whole way. We champion this each and every day. Compared even to an electric car, your CO2 emissions are 90% lower when you choose to travel by train. But that’s not all. Our commitment to the environment goes much further.

Facts & Figures.

What makes rail the most energy efficient mode of transport?

  • We want to be carbon neutral from 2030. We are committed to saving energy and are relying on renewable sources to meet our goal.

  • 90% of the electricity that powers our trains comes from hydro power.

  • Train travel in Switzerland saves 5 million tonnes of CO2 per year – which is equivalent to 10% of national emissions.

The original of electric mobility.

CO2 saving of a train vs an electric car per journey and person.

No matter if you’re travelling for a short stretch or across the whole of Switzerland: travel by train for over 90% lower CO2 emissions. 

  • Basel SBB–Locarno: 22,5 kg CO2 = 95,3%
  • Bern–Zurich HB: 10,8 kg CO2 = 95,6%
  • Winterthur–Zug: 6 kg CO2 = 96,8%

Want to calculate how much less CO2 a journey by train emits compared to the same journey by car? Then enter a route into the online timetable, click on a connection and configure the ecocalculator under ‘Further information and additional comparisons’.