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Debora Geiger-Horvath

RAM engineer (60%)and analytical hobby gardener who likes playing volleyball and going for walks.

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RAM Engineer: Evaluation and preparation.

With your evaluations of data, you bridge the gap between operations and the further development of vehicles. In this way, you support their reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM). 

My analyses have a serious impact – they support fact-based arguments and make abstract data tangible.

Janine Kocher

RAM engineer and creative hobby baker with a penchant for travel and good crime novels.

Specification and review of requirements.

In projects, you work together with specialists to define target-oriented requirements for new vehicles and systems. You identify possible deviations and are responsible for monitoring the agreed target values. The core of your task is setting up one-off as well as recurring data evaluations. As a RAM engineer, the sustained reliability, availability and maintainability of the fleet lies close to your heart. In all of these exciting tasks you generate clarity and communicate in a manner which is open, aware and consistent.

Monitoring and analysis of complex special cases.

Your evaluations and analyses of extensive data sets support the technical specialists in their task of ensuring the required level of fleet performance. To this end, you concentrate on creating standardised evaluations and analysing complex special cases. In order to achieve the jointly defined goals, you skilfully combine your analytical skills with your specialist and methodological knowledge. Every day, you are motivated by the challenge of finding an approach to solving a problem and communicating the results in a comprehensible manner. 

Do something great.

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