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Zoltán László

Mobility intrapreneur, visionary and networked thinker and father who likes to travel and read.

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Mobility intrapreneur: shape the future.

Rail is the backbone of the public transport system. By providing innovative and visionary solutions to meet real needs, we will continue to get people on the move safely and efficiently in future. 

The result of my work changes people’s mobility behaviour and increases their quality of life.

Rahel Känel

Mobility intrapreneur managing complex projects who has renovated an entire house in her spare time.

In touch with the times, every single day.

You analyse cases where there is a particular need for innovation and use them to identify business opportunities and possible solutions. On this basis, you develop ideas, test them on the market at an early stage and thus meet needs and stay in touch with contemporary customers. Your work is an important contribution to ensuring SBB’s future competitiveness. Our customers, and the goal of ensuring sustainable integrated mobility in Switzerland, are at the heart of what you do.

Create something visionary.

The challenges of a railway company providing an essential service and the changing mobility needs of customers give you many opportunities to make your mark: so you are open and curious about topics such as holistic approaches to mobility, traffic management and new ways of living and working. But you also love finding new mobility solutions, solving problems in our core business and exploring digital and technical innovation. 

Generate added value.

You make targeted use of your skills in projects to develop and test systematic and pragmatic solutions, or to test and find solutions thanks to internal or external cooperation. You always work with the aim of generating real added value and developing solutions which can be implemented by SBB in the long term.

Do something great.

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