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Zoltán László

Mobility intrapreneur, visionary and networked thinker and father who likes to travel and read.

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Mobility intrapreneur: shape the future.

Since more and more people are commuting every day, we need innovative ideas for mobility. When working for us, you ask the right questions and develop visionary solutions.

The result of my work changes people’s mobility behaviour and increases their quality of life.

Rahel Känel

Mobility intrapreneur managing complex projects who has renovated an entire house in her spare time.

In touch with the times, every single day.

You identify scope for new developments and anticipate business opportunities. That means you have to analyse current mobility behaviour and identify the needs of different customer groups. You use this information base to develop ideas, test them on the market early, meet the demands of our customers and keep up with the spirit of the times. You contribute significantly to developing additional mobility offers for the first and last mile of passengers’ journeys. At the same time, you optimise and develop existing products and business models. Our customers and a commitment to providing simpler sustainable and networked mobility in Switzerland are at the heart of what you do.

Create something visionary.

Our open and curious mobility intrapreneurs are continuously developing the mobility of the future. You create and adapt new solutions systematically and pragmatically, you test and sometimes boldly reject ideas so that in the end you obtain optimal results for mobility in Switzerland. In the pilot phase, you manage mobility solutions independently. You are in contact with colleagues at regular intervals and test the new ideas in workshops. And you always keep an eye on project planning.

Do something great.

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