Facility Manager: Protect buildings and facilities. Ensure value retention.

At SBB Real Estate, you support the development and management of 793 railway stations, 3500 buildings and 3700 attractive properties and sites in the vicinity of the railway. You regularly check the condition of our properties and ensure effective infrastructure facility management (maintenance and cleaning). While doing so you continuously interact with tradespersons, suppliers and professional associations.

As a Facility Manager, you are not only responsible for buildings and properties, as you also monitor and maintain facilities, technical equipment, machines and vehicles in order to ensure smooth operations at all times. 

My team and I make an effort every day to ensure SBB customers can enjoy clean and comfortable stations.

Daniel-Emil Imboden

Site Manager for Facility Management, amateur gardener and first baritone in a brass band.

Monitoring, maintaining and repairing.

In addition to performing maintenance and repair work in buildings, you are responsible for maintaining facilities, technical equipment, machines and vehicles. You help your supervisors define preventive maintenance measures and support site management teams by pointing out important safety-related work that needs to be done. 

You ensure that facilities, technical equipment and machines remain in perfect operating condition at all times and you report any damage or defects directly to the responsible department or unit. You also accompany and supervise external suppliers when they are carrying out scheduled and unscheduled work in and around the building. 

Do something great.