Careers and personal development: we will take you further.

SBB supports you in your career and on your way to a successful future: both when you join us and as you plan your career. You can benefit from the varied offer we provide.

Many different personal development opportunities.

SBB is happy for you to discuss any kind of personal development, be it job rotations, internships or individual personal development programmes. So we offer you a wide range of training programmes right where you work, in both virtual and physical courses. Because we care about making the most of your personal potential.

Irene Odermatt

Training placement beneficiary, rail system enthusiast, snowboard teacher and water polo player.


Over a temporary 4 to 18-month period, you can get to know new areas of SBB. At your new temporary work location, you gain new insights and experience – which can be both personal and professional. You also have the option of moving to another linguistic region. If you want to return to your original job, that can be done without any issues thanks to our return guarantee. But these enriching experiences normally present new career opportunities for you to take.

The talent program brings together a variety of tools and great contacts within SBB – great for working life!

Kirsten Dolfus

Senior Enterprise Architect, techy keen on trips to the mountains with a wide-range of craft skills.

Talent programmes.

Our talent programmes are not just designed for linear career paths but for project and specialist career paths as well. They let you develop your skills individually: you are accompanied by external trainers, given personal coaching sessions and collaborate with colleagues. Moreover, you are actively involved in innovative and agile projects and have opportunities to network with top management and key people within SBB. In this way, SBB offers its experienced staff a wide range of personal development opportunities. The best thing about it: you can apply to join the programmes yourself.

Starters Talent Programme.

This attractive programme is designed for staff with the potential to take on management positions or project leadership. In the one-year programme, your time is spent on intensive personal development as a manager, networking within SBB and expanding the range of methods you can use. The programme then gives you new opportunities for your personal development.

Experienced Talent Programme.

This one-year programme is open to senior staff with at least three years’ experience in management. The programme provides a coach to help you increase your ability to reflect upon situations and become an even better manager as a result. The programme equips you with an expanded range of methods.

High Potentials Talent Programme.

This 18-month programme is just right for experienced line managers with the potential to take on a top management position. One aspect of the programme lets you discuss individual personal development measures in your career path and your impact as a leader. Meanwhile, you also work for a social institution or contribute to strategically relevant topics and projects. Your work is informed by continuous dialogue with members of the Management Board. This makes you more sensitive to more complex challenges.

New Talents Mentoring Programme.

Do you want to have some time to think about your management role? Guided by a mentor, you spend a year reflecting on your work and personal goals and how to implement them. You also have the opportunity to take part in varied workshops or organise your own hands-on events.

Do something great.