Diversity and inclusion: Variety as a success factor.

Mixed teams with a variety of perspectives are an influential success factor. Attracting talent requires the creation of attractive work models and SBB is doing great things here.

The strategy.

We strive to employ a diverse and inclusive workforce. You’ll find yourself in a working environment in which every employee can contribute their individual strengths, experiences and ways of thinking. Our clear acknowledgement of the need for compatibility between work life and home life makes SBB an attractive employer. Our openness to new working styles and management forms supports the widest variety of skills and abilities and these contribute to vital and continual progress.

Judith Renevey

Lead Diversity and Inclusion, versatile and dynamic optimist.

Differences are welcome here.

We consider the diversity brought by 33,000 employees from 84 nations with 150 occupations to be our strength. Our differences, both visible and invisible, empower us to inspire one another and develop new ideas together. We want you to bring in your skills and bring out the best in SBB. This makes openness and respect to all who are different the underlying principle of our company philosophy: our combined potential should be promoted and enable good collaboration.

A workplace free from discrimination – we go a long way to making this a reality with our Queernet network.

Sven Trachsel

Head of Passenger Attendants, who likes travelling and discovering foreign cultures.

Job sharing.

Job sharing is a way of arranging working time flexibly. It divides a full-time position between two people. To benefit from two different sets of skills and abilities, the two part-time jobs can go beyond a typical full-time position. The advantage of job sharing is that mutual substitution is always ensured and one person is always present. This can promote a good work-life balance.