Equality – the same opportunities for everyone.

SBB promotes diversity, equal opportunities and a good work/life balance. This is beneficial to our customers and also to our employees and the company.

It is important to us that we offer equal opportunities to all employees. SBB offers everyone the same opportunities – regardless of language, gender, age, way of life, background, culture, nationality or religion.

SBB values its employees' diversity and takes measures to protect their personal rights. We aim to achieve a balanced gender ratio among senior managers and the workforce as a whole.

SBB promotes flexible working-time models and supports a healthy work/life balance. Other offerings include networking events, a mentoring programme for women and the organisation of topic-specific seminars.

In cases of discrimination, bullying or sexual harrassment, employees can call upon the services of the confidential team and the mediation commission (which has equal numbers of male and female members), depending on the individual situation.

As a family-friendly company, SBB is committed to providing advice on and placements at child day-care centres and childminders, and also contributes to the childcare costs incurred by parents, single or otherwise. 

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