Innovative working environment: We live innovation.

SBB makes use of the latest technologies to shape the future and create added value for everyone. In doing so, we expand our horizons and take unconventional approaches. 

Exciting tasks based on state-of-the-art technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and computer-aided perception of reality – or extended reality (XR) – are creating new opportunities for SBB in our current and future core business areas. To overcome our biggest challenges, we go well beyond traditional process and system improvements. These two technologies also create significant value across the organisation. From simplified work processes to cost-saving measures and increased work safety, the benefits of AI and XR are incontestable.

Intelligent track inspection.

Thanks to AI track inspection (AITI), in future it will be possible to detect a larger number of defects in the railway infrastructure with greater reliability and have them repaired at optimal cost. A diagnostics vehicle will carry out this task reliably and quickly using digitalisation and new technologies. This will greatly reduce dangers along the tracks and systematically produce forecasts on the condition of the lines, enabling preventive action to be taken.

Ilir Fetai

Development engineer, lecturer in computer science, curious fan of technology, and football coach.

Sustainability thanks to technology.

The latest technologies are used instead of pesticides to control weeds in the track area. For remote detection of weeds, drones with AI and machine learning ability or a hot water sprayer with infrared technology are used. All with a single goal: to improve the ecological assessment. 

Innovations are not only for our customers,but also to increase the sustainability of the railways as a whole.

Lukas Tanner

Project manager in sustainability, this engineer and mountain fan is a father of three boys.

Benefits of networking.

In order to drive innovation, SBB promotes cooperation at various interfaces. Internal centres of excellence and network groups are dedicated to the latest technologies and get leading experts involved where necessary. This creates exciting cooperation with universities, universities of applied sciences and start-ups, bringing about the implementation of promising projects. And mobility in Switzerland directly benefits from this too. Our employees also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in exciting projects.