Competitive salaries and great benefits and concessions.

Concessionary fares.

SBB employees and members of their families can enjoy various concessions on fares both within Switzerland and abroad, depending on their level of employment.

SBB Benefit staff offer platform.

SBB Benefit is the staff offer platform for current and former employees of SBB and its subsidiaries. On the platform are over 50 of the latest offers with discounts of up to 50% or value-added supplements to products or services. The range of offers extends from insurance to electrical products.


Our salaries are competitive and fair. They are based on the employee’s position in the company and his/her experience. Employee salaries can be adjusted yearly on the basis of the employee’s performance.

Collective agreement – well under way together

All SBB employment contracts are drafted in accordance with the collective agreement negotiated between SBB management and trade unions. This collective agreement provides stable working conditions for employees and ensures that employees have a voice within the company.


As a family-friendly company, we are committed – through Kidz Care – to ensuring a healthy work/life balance. This service covers everything from providing advice on and placements at child day-care centres and childminders to offering financial support for childcare costs incurred by parents, single or otherwise.

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