Ways of working: from shift work to self-organisation.

Depending on your area, you may work different hours or in different organisational structures. Despite different set-ups, our supplementary pay and safety plans provide a foundation you can rely on.

Irregular working hours.

SBB’s 24-hour operations mean irregular working hours are par for the course. That’s the only way mobility in Switzerland can be guaranteed day and night. This offers our staff many advantages: working shifts means that you can avoid traffic jams on the way to work and busier times when shopping and enjoy empty ski pistes and swimming pools when others are at work. You receive monetary compensation for working irregular hours (CHF 6/hour for night work and CHF 16/hour for Sunday work). An additional time supplement of 10 - 30 % is granted for night shifts. You can use this time to take additional holiday. Moreover, SBB implements preventative health measures, including for shift work. That means it’s possible for you to combine your private life and work at a number of different levels. 

Carla Sarah Boerner

Passenger attendant working shifts, bursting with life, keen on travel and going for strolls.

Breaking up traditional structures.

Shift work and traditional hierarchic structures set clear requirements. In contrast, self-organisation enables flat hierarchies and provides room for you to take great initiative and tackle tasks cooperatively. Self-organisation is used in different units at SBB as well. That means leadership work is tackled together in a team; responsibility and decisions are taken collectively. With this dynamism and enthusiasm, we continuously optimise our services, increase our customer satisfaction and ensure Switzerland doesn’t stand still.

Self-organisation can release huge amounts of energy if it’s thought through and employed in a targeted manner.

Artur Radziszewski

Senior self-organisation manager, strategist interested in the economy and wild water kayaker.