Evo – new S-Bahn multiple units.

Together with its subsidiaries Thurbo and RegionAlps, SBB is to procure 286 new single-deck multiple units for use in regional services under the name of Evo. Evo represents the evolution of the popular Flirt train, which is already in operation on the SBB network.

Together with RegionAlps and Thurbo, SBB is ordering 286 single-deck S-Bahn multiple units from Stadler. The new trains will provide significant added value for our customers. Here are the key features:

  • Two models of the single-deck S-Bahn multiple units are to be procured. Type 1 offers passengers a total of 146 seats over a length of 73.5 metres. Type 2 is 57.8 metres long and has 134 seats.
  • Both models meet specific requirements for passengers with restricted mobility and have two spaces for wheelchairs per train – now also in 1st class – as well as a wheelchair-accessible toilet. 
  • Both train types have better motorisation and improved process times compared with the trains currently used in regional services. This means the new trains will make a significant contribution to improving punctuality.
  • The trains offer newly designed and spacious standing areas, more space for bicycles, pushchairs and luggage, good mobile phone coverage while on the move and power sockets. The entire interior is designed to be light and airy.
  • The air-conditioning units will now use propane (R290) to cool the train in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. 

The first trains are expected to come into operation in December 2026 and are primarily intended to be a replacement for the existing trains that will be withdrawn from service by the end of 2034 as they reach the end of their life cycle. This procurement project will enable us to continue providing competitive, attractive and climate-friendly public transport.

The procurement volume amounts to around CHF 2 billion. The procurement project has been coordinated with the cantonal authorities and the Federal Office of Transport.

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