Mobility and the use of space in Switzerland – four future scenarios.

Our mobility is changing and so is Switzerland. Technological and social developments will greatly influence the way in which we travel and use space in Switzerland. 

SBB has come up with four potential future scenarios for an integrated approach to mobility and spatial development in the country. These scenarios build on the Federal Office for Spatial Development’s Transport Outlook 2040 and reflect the potential that new technologies and forms of mobility offer.

What the future of mobility and space will really look like in the end depends not least on the type of world that people in Switzerland consider desirable. This future vision will be the result of an open discussion between representatives from Swiss society, politics and business. SBB wants to contribute to this discussion with its four future scenarios, embracing its responsibility as Switzerland’s largest provider of public mobility. You'll find further information on SBB's considerations on the matter in the downloads section.

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