Mobility of the future.

SBB is shaping the mobility of the future – simple, personal, connected.

The world of mobility is undergoing a far-reaching transformation: customers’ mobility needs are changing, new providers are pushing their way onto the market, and digitisation and automation are opening up new possibilities – and all the while demand is continuing to increase. There is a growing need for personalised intermodal mobility and logistics solutions for our customers.

As the backbone and driving force of public transport, SBB combines the strengths of the rail system with the potential offered by digitisation and new modes of transport – throughout the entire travel chain. This means that SBB is evolving into more and more of a digital and personal mobility service provider. Digitisation and new technologies present opportunities for connecting up the individual elements of the integrated rail system in a better way and covering the “last miles” more efficiently.

SBB plans to keep on driving innovation and making substantial, highly targeted investments to keep mobility attractive and affordable for customers and ordering parties. The company intends to make savings in areas that will not affect customers directly and to work on increasing the capacity utilisation of its trains. SBB is turning stations and sites into appealing mobility hubs and spaces that offer a varied range of services. It is also working on sustainable service concepts, testing innovative mobility solutions and enhancing the environmental advantage that the railway holds over other forms of transport. At the same time, providing advice to and personal contact with our customers will always remain important. SBB is shaping the mobility of the future – simple, personal, connected.

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