Change on the Management Board of SBB AG.

The Board of Directors of Swiss Federal Railways SBB AG has appointed 53-year-old Philippe Gauderon, a French-speaking Swiss, as the new Head of its Infrastructure division and a member of the SBB Management Board. The current Head of Infrastructure, Hansjörg Hess, has decided to scale back his activities: he will be taking on specially assigned tasks within SBB. Manfred Haller is to take over as Head of the Operating business unit of the Passenger Division, Philippe Gauderon’s current post, on a temporary basis. These changes take effect on 1 January 2009.

The 57-year-old Head of SBB Infrastructure Hansjörg Hess has decided to scale back his involvement in the company and so to step down as Head of Division. Hess, who has been Head of Infrastructure since 2004, also relinquishes his membership of the Management Board of SBB AG. He will continue to report directly to the CEO of SBB AG, Andreas Meyer, and will be assigned special assignments by him. These will include representing SBB AG on international bodies, technical consultancy services for important innovation projects and taking on directorships for SBB.

The Management Board and the Board of Directors of SBB AG would like to thank Hansjörg Hess for his outstanding services to the company and public transport in Switzerland as Head of SBB Infrastructure over the last four-and-a-half years. This period has included the successful repositioning of SBB Infrastructure and its continuous development within SBB, as well as the creation and introduction of the state-of-the-art train safety and signalling system ETCS as part of Rail 2000 and NEAT on the new high-speed line between Olten and Berne and in the Lötschberg base tunnel. A graduate in engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Hansjörg Hess has been the driving force behind the new strategic direction and technological development of SBB Infrastructure in recent years. Under his leadership, the Infrastructure Division has become a customer-focused service provider for all railway companies using the SBB network.

His successor as Head of SBB Infrastructure is Philippe Gauderon from French-speaking Switzerland, who until now has been Head of the Passenger Division's Operating business unit. At its latest meeting, the Board of Directors of SBB AG appointed the 53-year-old from Fribourg to his new position and also made him a member of the SBB Management Board.

After qualifying as a state-registered lawyer from the University of Fribourg in 1983, Gauderon continued to work in his specialist area in his home town from 1983 to 1985. Between 1985 and 1995 he held numerous senior positions at the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (FOT), including that of Deputy Director from 1990 to 1995. Gauderon joined SBB on 1 January 1996 as director of what was then district 1 in Lausanne. When SBB was restructured as part of reforms to the rail system in 1999, Gauderon took over as Head of regional services in the Passenger Traffic division, where he was also a member of the divisional management board. Since October 2003, Philippe Gauderon has been Head of Operating and Deputy Head of the SBB Passenger Division. This business unit, which has 6,200 employees and an annual budget of CHF 1.3 bn, is responsible for the 5,500 trains that SBB’s Passenger Division runs every day: from Purchasing and Supply Chain Management to planning and managing production, train preparation (cleaning and marshalling) and train driver services, to the maintenance of rolling stock.

Philippe Gauderon is married and has three children. He lives with his family in Canton Fribourg.

Manfred Haller, Philippe Gauderon’s deputy, is to take over as Head of the Operating business unit on an interim basis. The 46-year-old from Aargau was previously responsible for Rolling Stock Management and Light Maintenance for SBB’s Passenger Division.

These changes take effect on 1 January 2009.

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