New international services for Inter Ferry Boats.

SBB Cargo is to run 270 container trains from northern France to Italy for the international operator, shifting 6,750 trucks a year off the roads and onto the rails.

At the beginning of October SBB Cargo began taking new shipments from northern France to Italy for the international operator Inter Ferry Boats and its subsidiary, IFB France. Containers and swap bodies from the region will be collected in Dourges, near Lille, and SBB Cargo will coordinate shipments on 270 trains a year to Milan Segrate. SNCF Fret will run the trains to Basel, where SBB Cargo will take over and continue the shipments across the Italian border to Milan Segrate. Local distribution in Italy will take place by road.

Initially, the containers and swap bodies will be transported on two round trips a week on a total of 180 freight trains from France to Italy and back. In December 2010 this will rise to three round trips a week, or 270 freight trains a year. By transferring the shipments to rail, SBB Cargo will be taking some 6,750 trucks off the roads each year, saving over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Inter Ferry Boats is a specialist in continental intermodal transport, with its own terminals in various locations in Belgium as well as at a new site in Bonneuil, France. SBB Cargo already runs over 2,800 freight trains a year for the international operator from the North Sea coast to northern Italy.

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