Improved customer information: First LED display board up and running in Neuchâtel.

SBB is replacing the mechanical split-flap displays in 17 stations with LED technology. Test operation begins today for the first new central display board in Neuchâtel. During the pilot phase, which runs for several months, the display board will be optimised. SBB is investing a total of 15 million Swiss francs in modernising its customer information systems.

As of today, the first new central display board with LED technology is up and running in Neuchâtel. From now until the end of February 2015, the color and contrast settings of SBB's first new LED central display board will be improved and a range of system tests will be carried out. In addition, SBB's customer and disabled passenger advisory panels will be invited to Neuchâtel during the trial phase to make suggestions for improvement. Customers are also encouraged to submit feedback on disruption information via email to customerservice@rail.chLink opens in new window.. Drawing on all these insights, SBB will then put the remaining 16 central display boards into service in the other Swiss railway stations.

SBB has purchased a total of 44 large-screen LED displays. These will replace the mechanical split-flap displays, which run on outdated technology and are therefore costly to maintain, at 17 stations. The new LED central display boards will retain the blue background color for indicating platforms and destinations, as well as the high-contrast white text to aid readability.

The new LED central display boards will also have a separate LED advertising board, which can also be used for customer information in the event of disruption. It will provide passengers with information on the disruption, as well as alternative travel options. The new LED displays make it possible to keep customers informed in a dynamic, flexible and rapid manner.

Around 15 million francs have been invested in equipping stations with modern customer information displays. SBB is the first public transport company in Europe to introduce large-screen central display boards with LED technology of this scope across its network, ensuring clear, visible customer information in its stations.


LED technology in 17 stations

Alongside Neuchâtel, there are plans to replace the old split-flap displays by the end of 2015 at Aarau, Basel SBB, Bern, Biel/Bienne, Brig, Chur, Fribourg, Geneva, Geneva Airport, Lausanne, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Winterthur, Zurich main station (transverse hall and ticket hall) and Zug.

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Images for the press of the new general display board can be downloaded from opens in new window.

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