Uniform digital identity for Switzerland: Markus Naef appointed new CEO of SwissSign.

Markus Naef will take over the management of SwissSign AG, the future joint venture between Swiss Post and SBB, from mid-May 2017. In this position he will primarily assume responsibility for the development and marketing of the new uniform digital identity to be launched by Swiss Post and SBB from autumn 2017. SBB’s investment in Swiss Post’s subsidiary SwissSign AG was given the green light by the Competition Commission (COMCO) and the EU Commission in March 2017.

Markus Naef is to lead the company into a new era as a joint venture and will oversee the next stage of growth. He has over 20 years’ experience in general management and business development and has held leading roles relating to digitization, transformation and the implementation of digital business models in the B2C and B2B markets. Markus Naef’s most recent position was CCO and Senior Vice President at Sunrise Communications Ltd. His experience in setting up and establishing strategic partnerships, his expertise in complex financial matters and his legal knowledge – particularly in data protection, competition and e-commerce in Europe and North America – make him the ideal appointment for the challenges ahead. He is 47 years old, married and lives with his family in Wettswil near Zurich.

Swiss Post and SBB are very pleased that Urs Fischer, the current CEO of SwissSign AG, will remain available to the company in future and contribute his expertise by advising on the customer interface and product strategy. Swiss Post would like to thank him for his great commitment in positioning SwissSign AG as an innovative provider of certificate services and trustworthy identities in Switzerland.

Uniform digital identity will be launched in autumn 2017.

After SBB’s participation in the Swiss Post subsidiary received the green light from the Competition Commission (COMCO) and the EU Commission in March 2017 (see press release dated 24 March 2017), the digital identity is set to be launched from autumn 2017 and made available to the first Swiss Post portal customers. It will then be rolled out to SwissPass customers from 2018. The solution will also be available to interested authorities and companies in autumn 2017.

The uniform digital identity will enable users to access various online services via a single secure login in future instead of relying on many different usernames and passwords, which exposes them to security risks. Authorities and companies will benefit from the higher quality identity which will allow them to expand their online services more securely and improve their efficiency. The top priority is full compliance with the applicable data protection provisions.


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