Sven Flore to become new CEO of SBB Cargo International.

The new head of SBB Cargo International, Sven Flore, will take up his role in July 2018. Flore draws from comprehensive knowledge of the transport sector, his most recent position included advising various railway companies. The present CEO, Michail Stahlhut, will take over the management of Hupac Intermodal AG.

Sven Flore (54) is the new CEO of SBB Cargo International. He most recently worked as an advisor for railway companies and managed a leasing company for locomotives. Flore can draw on his comprehensive experience of managing logistics companies from his previous positions at TX Logistik and Rail4Chem. His technical expertise will support him with tasks ranging from renewing the fleet through to increasing interoperability.

The current boss, Michail Stahlhut, is moving to the combined transport operator Hupac Intermodal AG, where he will take over the management. Stahlhut has developed SBB Cargo International since its launch in 2010 and has certainly made his mark. The opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and the associated successful preparations for rail freight were a milestone. Stahlhut has previously been employed in management positions at various German railway companies.

The current ownership of SBB Cargo International remains unchanged (SBB Cargo AG owns 75 percent and Hupac AG owns 25 percent). The transition away from Michail Stahlhut will not result in any additional integration into Hupac AG; the independence and neutrality of SBB Cargo International on the market will, of course, remain the same.

The Board of Directors at SBB Cargo would like to congratulate Sven Flore on his appointment and wish him every happiness and success in his new role. It would like to thank Michail Stahlhut very much for his great commitment and wishes him all the best with this career move.

About SBB Cargo International.

SBB Cargo International is a railway undertaking which predominantly operates on the north-south corridor between the North Sea ports and northern Italy and has its own RU licences in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. With around 135 locomotives (as of 1 December 2016), SBB Cargo International operates more than 30000 trains per year and guarantees that over 10 billion net ton-kilometers are transferred from road to rail. As a result, it generated around 294 million Swiss francs in revenue in 2016.

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