Swiss public transport proving more popular than ever with tourists.

Switzerland’s public transport system once again attracted more tourists in 2017. Compared to the previous year, foreign visitors spent 17.5 percent more on Swiss Travel System tickets. Revenue rose to over CHF 122 million, mainly thanks to visitors from Asian countries and the US.

SBB’s subsidiary Swiss Travel System AG works with partners to market Switzerland’s public transport system in other countries – and with growing success. Discovering Switzerland by train, bus and boat is proving more popular than ever amongst foreign visitors, as demonstrated by the example of the Swiss Travel Pass: sales of this «GA travelcard for visitors from abroad» have doubled since 2011, reaching CHF 122.2 million. The biggest surge in growth to date happened between 2016 and 2017 with an increase of 17.5 percent.

A favourite holiday destination for South Koreans.

One key factor behind this flourishing success is the steady shift from group-based tourism to individual travel. Tourists particularly appreciate the convenience and easy access offered by Swiss public transport, with its reliable clock-face schedule and practical ticketing solutions. Thanks to Switzerland’s idyllic railway routes, the journeys themselves are also increasingly becoming the main focus of people’s holiday experiences. South Korea proved the most lucrative market last year, with sales growth soaring by more than 40 percent. Next in the rankings were China, India and the US, with the strongest European market being the United Kingdom in fifth place.

Targeted market cultivation – a key factor for success.

«Thanks to the targeted cultivation of the global tourism markets, we look set to further increase our revenue in 2018 too», says Maurus Lauber, CEO of Swiss Travel System AG. Working closely with Switzerland Tourism and international distribution partners has enabled Swiss Travel System AG to pursue an intensive and targeted market cultivation strategy. The use of influential personalities as part of social media campaigns has also contributed to the success of Switzerland’s public transport system.

Swiss Travel System AG.

Swiss Travel System AG in Zurich is a marketing company that was founded in 2011 by SBB, Switzerland Tourism and five tourist rail companies (BLS, MOB, MGB, JB and RhB). Its mission is to combine and systematically manage the joint marketing of Swiss public transport services. Its core tasks include the global marketing of national transport and Swiss Travel System’s ticket range, as well as promoting cross-border transport from neighbouring countries. You can find out all about Swiss Travel System AG at mystsnet.comLink opens in new window..

Swiss Travel Pass.

The Swiss Travel Pass is the key to Switzerland’s public transport network. It allows visitors from abroad to discover the whole of the country by train, bus and boat over three, four, eight or fifteen days – all on a single ticket. It also includes public transport in over 90 towns and cities, entry to more than 500 museums nationwide and a 50 percent discount on most mountain railways.

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