SBB in the limelight.

Are you interested in making a film or taking photos on SBB-owned property?

Important information.

For planning reasons, request forms for film and photo projects must be submitted at least five working days in advance. Media representatives should contact the SBB Press Office directly.

Here are some important points.

  • A permit to take photos or make films (or a commercial use permit) is required to use photos or film material for commercial purposes.

A permit to take photos or make films is furthermore required if

  • Bulky equipment (e.g. camera cranes) is used;
  • Larger groups take photos or make films (school projects, photography classes, etc.);
  • Barriers are required;
  • Filming or photography takes place outside the publicly accessible area.
  • Photographs and film shots that are used exclusively for private purposes or for journalistic-editorial, non-commercial activities are permissible unless they require a permit.
  • SBB may restrict or prohibit recordings that are subject to approval if they could interfere with passenger flow, endanger the safety or the privacy of passers-by, train passengers or railway employees, or disrupt the operational procedures of rail or trade.

Conditions and provisions.

Please take a moment to read the conditions and provisions that will apply if you are granted permission for a project.