Rules and provisions.

Rules for filming & photography on SBB-owned property.

The following provisions apply if a permit is granted.

  • For safety reasons, permit holders may enter the track area only if accompanied by SBB staff who have undergone safety training, and if supplied with the necessary safety clothing/equipment as defined in SBB regulations.
  • For safety reasons, no persons or objects are permitted within 3.5 metres of power lines.
  • The instructions of the accompanying SBB staff must be followed at all times.
  • Passengers, passers-by and personnel must not be disturbed in any way by the film/photography work, nor may any of these be filmed or photographed without their consent. Railway operations and the punctuality of railway traffic must not be affected.
  • Filming and photography may be carried out in retail outlets and restaurants with the permission of the respective leaseholder or tenant of the properties only.
  • In the event of conflicting schedules or under special circumstances, scheduled projects may be cancelled at short notice despite a time having been agreed in advance.
  • If a permit applicant withdraws following a project location assessment, the costs incurred up to that point will still be charged.
  • By issuing a permit, SBB accepts no liability for accidents, damages or theft caused or suffered by the permit holder.