Filming and photography application for media professional.

If you would like to film or take photographs at stations or in trains, please apply to do so via the form below. This way, we can provide you with the best possible support.

Applications will be processed during office hours. Outside office hours, you can obtain permits in urgent cases by phoning the Media Centre’s on-call number.

There is a separate form here for filming or photography for commercial purposes (in German)

Application form for filming and photography for journalistic purposes.

Filmaufnahmen / Fotoaufnahmen / Interview (optional)

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Please note: Surveys on board trains will not be approved.

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Contact details.

Terms/conditions for media professionals.

  • This permit applies only to publicly accessible areas.
  • Film/photo projects must not disturb passengers, passers-by or employees in any manner whatsoever, nor may any of these be filmed or photographed without their consent.
  • Surveys on board trains will not be approved.
  • Moreover, film/photo projects must not disrupt railway operations nor the arrival/departure of trains.
  • The permit must be presented to all SBB staff members upon request.
  • The instructions of the railway company and security staff must be followed.
  • SBB accepts no liability for accidents, damage or loss or theft.
  • This permit is not a train ticket.

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