Coalition for Better Ads.

The “Coalition for Better Ads” has carried out its first ever study involving 25,000 internet users in North America and Europe in order to develop standards for user-friendly advertising. All kinds of advertising methods were trialled while the internet users read online articles. 

They were asked to evaluate 55 types when browsing the web from a desktop computer and 49 types from a mobile to help identify the most annoying/tedious and unpopular advertising formats, i.e. the ones consumers are most likely to block. The study clearly demonstrates that SBB is very much in line with these standards. Our advertising formats are accepted and allow customers to enjoy a positive advertising experience.  

The Coalition for Better Ads runs studies with the aim of developing data-driven standards for online advertising. The Coalition is made up of advertisers such as Procter & Gamble and publishers such as Facebook and Google, and hopes to identify customer preferences in order to improve their experience of advertising in future. In developing these standards, the aim is to take better account of consumers’ needs and expectations.

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