SBB Flash Newsletter 2020 dispatch details and topics.

Besides the monthly SBB Newsletter, Flash Newsletters on various topics are also published. 

Below is a list of topics for the 2020 SBB Flash Newsletters. Is the campaign you are planning related to one of these topics? Then don’t delay; buy some advertising space. 

You can find more information about the SBB Newsletter here
Dispatch date  Topics
11 February 2020 Winter

30 March 2020 

Companion ticket
Art and culture
4 May 2020  Blog
Nature and attractions
27 July 2020  Active summer (hiking)
Nature and attractions
14 September 2020  Day Pass for 2
Autumn topics
23 November 2020  Christmas markets
Calm and relaxation
Christmas concerts

All topic details are non-binding and certain dispatch details may change.

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