Expansion and development of CASA.

Sale of RailAway offers.

Since summer 2019, individual RailAway offers have been available via the CASA channel, and the range of leisure offers has since been expanded. Today most RailAway winter offers are sold exclusively via CASA. In addition to allowing direct searches for offers in the right-hand column, CASA also supports upselling and cross-selling by suggesting RailAway offers suited to the destination. The offer screen includes the option of configuring the leisure service with individual characteristics and then receiving a quote indicating a total price. The sales process is continuously being optimised and any errors in the database are being corrected. 

Sale of Swiss Travel System offers.

In cooperation with Swiss Travel System AG, we have integrated the sale of incoming Swiss Travel Pass offers into CASA. During the implementation phase, the focus was on simplifying sales and advisory discussions. We would be pleased if you would consistently use CASA for all sales and report any errors via POSP ticketing.

Cross-border map expanded.

The Léman Express products will be available via CASA following the timetable change on 15 December 2019. We have expanded the map to show the cross-border region in the Geneva area. We have also carried out a number of improvements to the map: enhanced legibility, sharper contrast, closer zoom levels. These enhancements will make it possible to display RailAway offers, multiple via routes or announcements regarding disruptions to services directly on the map in the future.

Outlook: optimised timetable, GA Travelcard sales and international offers.

In addition to the new map, there are plans for an optimised timetable to follow at the beginning of 2020. This will feature visual enhancements as well as a detailed search option. 

We have not yet been able to implement the B2C sale of GA Travelcards via CASA due to numerous issues. According to our current projections, the introduction is planned for spring 2020. In addition to the sale of GA Travelcards, after-sales services (e.g. upselling, downselling and exchanges) should also be feasible by that time. The details will be communicated via the Infoportal as usual prior to introduction. 

Numerous projects and preparations are also underway in the area of international passenger traffic in order to offer international services via CASA as soon as possible. Here too, we will be sure to inform you via the Infoportal before implementation.

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