Replacement of PLABE with CAPRE.

Many transport companies currently make use of the PLABE seat reservation management system to book group journeys throughout Switzerland. In addition, the system informs transport companies about the registered groups and assists them with the administration and handling of these bookings.

PLABE is also impacted by the updates in the distribution systems and will be replaced by the CAPRE system (Capacity and Reservations, KABENAS project). In the second half of 2020, we will migrate the basic group reservation functions to the new system as an initial step. In subsequent phases of expansion, PLABE will be replaced with CAPRE by the end of 2021.

As in the PLABE model, it is planned to maintain certain basic functions as mandated by the direct traffic business. In addition, licences with additional functions will be offered. Directly affected transport companies will be contacted at the beginning of 2020 and informed about further migration steps.

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