A look back to the 2019 SBB TrainRally.

The SBB TrainRally was held this year on 12 and 21 November in German-speaking Switzerland, and for the first time on 19 November by SBB Partner Sales in French-speaking Switzerland. 

A total of 40 travel agency employees and trainees were able to take a look behind the scenes and were provided with first-hand information about the offers by specialists from SBB, DB and TGV Lyria. Besides seeing the high-speed trains the TGV, Railjet, EuroCity and ICE, the participants also went on a tour of the operations centres in either Olten or Lausanne, where rail traffic professionals direct a total of 8,400 passenger and 1,850 goods trains on the SBB network each day.

At the end of the day, they also took a close look at the night trains in the SBB Zurich Herdern service facility. These operate daily from Switzerland, directly to Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna and other destinations.

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