Full flexibility: travel to Paris this summer with TGV Lyria.

In order to regain customers, TGV Lyria is expanding its service offer and improving the exchange and refund conditions for all amendable tickets until 31 August 2020. This also applies to trips in the autumn that have been on sale since 30 June 2020.

Further information on the TGV Lyria services and refund conditionsLink opens in new window.

Expansion of transport services between Switzerland and France.

Since 4 July 2020, six daily TGV Lyria trains have been running between Geneva and Paris. There are five other connections between Lausanne and Paris (travelling through the Jura or via Geneva) and four from Zurich and Basel. The direct daily TGV Lyria connection from Geneva to Marseille will be maintained throughout the summer.

Flexible exchange and refund conditions for TGV Lyria tickets.

All amendable TGV Lyria tickets purchased before 31 August can be refunded up until the train departure time, regardless of the date of travel. This also applies to journeys after 31 August 2020, for which a fee of two francs will be charged per refund. Refunds are free of charge for journeys up until to 31 August. 

Travel sales open from 1 September.

Since 30 June 2020, TGV Lyria tickets have been on sale for travel in September and October 2020. For journeys between 2 November and 12 December 2020, tickets will be available four months in advance.

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