Refunds in four steps? Now possible thanks to a new form.

Buying a ticket online or in the app is quick and easy. Unfortunately, it is just as easy to make a mistake and buy the wrong ticket, e.g. a ticket for the wrong day or the wrong route. The dismay of making the mistake was only added to by the long process of filling out the previous refund form. We knew that we needed to change it and have been planning to do so for some time. We are happy to say that we have now done this and can present you with the new refund form. 

Step 1: Who is the form for?

The form is designed for all customers who purchased their tickets as a guest. That is, anyone who did not log in with a SwissPass login because they either did not have a SwissPass or because they didn’t want to or couldn’t log in. 

Here’s a tip for you! If you purchase your tickets using a SwissPass login, you can have a ticket you purchased by mistake immediately refunded: open our app or website, find the purchase in question in your user account, select the ticket and request a refund.

If you don’t already know how to do it, you can find instructions on how to get a refund for tickets purchased while logged in here. 

Step 2: What does the new form look like?

The aim was to split the form up into separate, logical steps to make it clearer and to give you a better idea of what to expect before you start filling out the form. 

Step 3: How is a step-by-step form like this created?

Take: 1 project manager (someone to bring everything together); 1 tariff specialist (who knows the refund conditions); 1 UX expert (how we turn the conditions into logical steps); 1 CMS content management system expert (what the system can do and what new things need to be developed); 1 backend developer and 1 frontend developer (to program the relevant missing components); 1 copywriter (to write a form that is concise, comprehensible and user-friendly); 1 tester for peripheral systems (after all, the submitted form has to correctly send all the information to the right place in full); 1 translation team (for French, Italian and English); and 1 publisher (to create the form in the CMS). This interdisciplinary collaboration required many discussions, a lot of organisation, a ton of work, time and patience – as well as a consistent and fast internet connection, as the project was completed almost 100% remotely from different locations (office and/or home). It took four months all in all. 

Step 4: What are the advantages of the new form?

  • Dividing up the form into several steps makes it much easier to fill out.
  • You will now only be shown the fields that are relevant for your particular refund reason. This makes it much faster for you to fill out the form.
  • And there is an advantage for us at SBB too: if customers better understand the form and therefore enter the relevant details correctly and in full, it makes it easier for our colleagues in customer service to process their requests and refund their money more quickly.
And here’s what the new refund form looks like Link opens in new window.

What’s more, we will soon be updating many other forms so that you can fill them out step by step. This is already the case for the form for informing us of a change of name or address.

Form for informing us of a change of name or address Link opens in new window.

Do you need help?

If you have questions about tickets and travelcards or want to quickly find out how to submit a loss report for lost items or learn all you need to know about the SwissPass or the login, you can find answers in our help and contact area. 

Help and contact area Link opens in new window.

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