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The Rheintal Express (REX).

Since 1995, the Rheintal Express has run as an hourly service between St. Gallen and Chur.

The rolling stock used on the route prior to 8 June 2013 consisted of a variety of different EW II & IV passenger coaches as well as Bpm stock. The trains were pulled by a locomotive that was re-coupled to the front of the train at the terminus stations of Chur and St. Gallen.

Since 9 June 2013, the Rheintal Express service has used new "Regio-Dosto" double-decker trains supplied by Stadler Rail. The introduction of these new trains has resulted in a huge increase in quality on the Rheintal Express line. Customers, the cantons of St. Gallen and Graubünden and SBB itself have all waited a long time for this moment.

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