Disruption between Lausanne and Puidoux from 7 July to 26 August.

This is the first time that an SBB mainline has been closed for an extended period, affecting some 13,000 customers every day between Bern and Lausanne.

All the Essential information about the disruption in video.


Compensation pilot project.

Customers affected by this disruption will be able to report the delays they have suffered in order to obtain compensation via the SBB Preview app.

Customers taking part in this pilot project will receive an SBB voucher worth CHF 100 if they travel within the defined scope on at least ten days and their journeys take at least 20 minutes longer.

Modified timetables.

During the disruption, SBB will be giving alternative journey suggestions for all passengers who regularly travel on the line between Lausanne and Puidoux-Chexbres. There will be a guaranteed transport solution via either a diverted route or a bus service.

Maintenance work.

To ensure that its passengers are safe and trains remain punctual, SBB carries out regular infrastructure maintenance.

A monitoring programme identifies lines in need of maintenance and sets out the schedule of work. This year, the track between La Conversion and Grandvaux requires a complete overhaul. Ballast, rails, sleepers, infrastructure and drainage all need to be replaced. SBB is also taking this opportunity to ensure that the stations on this section of the line meet the requirements of the Swiss Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and avoid another disruption on this part of the line in the near future.

Why are services being completely suspended?

Suspending all services means that the work can be completed four times faster, i.e. in seven weeks instead of the eight months it would take if operations were to continue on a single track.

This means that, while journey times will be longer, the timetable is set to be much more reliable compared with trains running on a single track. So as to affect as few passengers as possible, the work will take place during the school holidays from 7 July to 26 August 2018. SBB would like to thank its customers for their understanding while assuring them that it will do everything in its power to limit any inconvenience caused.