Our experts at InnoTrans 2018.

Our specialists present insights and case studies on exciting topics of successful rail operations in three specialised presentations at InnoTrans.

Stefan Koller

Head of wayside train monitoring system.

Stefan Koller (50) holds a PhD in Physics. He has been working a number of years as senior scientist in mirco electro mechanical sensor system (MEMS) and as senior consultant for software testing. In 2008 he joined SBB as engineer for wayside train monitoring systems and has become the head of the Wayside Train Monitoring System department in 2015. He is currently engaged in the future development of wayside intelligence towards an open platform for condition monitoring of rolling stock.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in Rail.

By implementing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology and train monitoring systems, SBB plays a pioneering role in the railway sector. SBB systematically equips all train monitoring system with RFID to make train monitoring an automated process. The RFID allows extremely precise measurement data from the train monitoring systems to be allocated to the rolling stock with absolute certainty so that this data can be analysed to determine vehicle condition and its development.

This valuable information is provided to railway undertakings and vehicle keepers using a simple interface to allow them to improve how they maintain their fleet of vehicles before any incidents occur or costly maintenance work is required. By implementing train monitoring systems across the network, SBB is making a significant contribution to the safety of rail traffic and improving the availability of the train paths in Switzerland.


Wednesday 19th September 16:30 p.m., Hall 14.2 / 15.2 (East Entrance).


Markus Halder

Head of Load Management.

Power Demand Management – Smart Grid at SBB.

Power demand in SBB’s rail electricity grid is highly dynamic. Energy infrastructure cost scales based on maximum power demand peaks. Our solution is an initial step towards Smart Grid management by realizing the peak-shaving approach. An intelligent power demand management enables us to optimize power grid investments, to reduce costs and to increase the reliability of the railway power supply.

SBB is the only Swiss company to have received one of the coveted global SAP Innovation Awards this year. With its solution for intelligent load management in rail traffic. The solution, based on SAP HANA Streaming Analytics, enables SBB to break peaks in electrical energy consumption and thus reduce investment costs in the electrical supply - without compromising passenger comfort.


Wednesday 19th September 16:55 p.m., Hall 14.2 / 15.2 (East Entrance).

Daniel Achermann

Senior Expert on Traffic Management Systems.

Daniel Achermann completed a professional apprenticeship as a station manager with a focus on traffic management and graduated from the School for Transport and Communication. He has worked in the rail industry in various fields of operations and traffic management and is a member of the RCS project team and subproject manager in SBB’s Rail Operating Centres programme. He also participated in the development and implementation of an integrated rail operating centre in the UK. Current activities include stakeholder management, the benchmarking programme and third-market activities for infrastructure operations at SBB.

Modern Traffic Management unlocks asset value.

The Swiss are world champions in rail travel. Every day, some 10,000 trains travel on SBB’s more than 3,000-kilometre-long track network, which corresponds to 101.5 trains per main track. To enable it to control rail traffic safely, punctually and efficiently, SBB has developed its own Rail Control System (RCS) for train dispatching and monitoring.

The award winning Traffic Management RCS Control System developed by SBB is not only proving itself in the dense rail network of Switzerland, it is also in operation internationally. By making full use of our track network capacity, we can reduce costs at the same time – and gain a significant competitive edge in the process.


Wednesday 19th September 17:20 p.m., Hall 14.2 / 15.2 (East Entrance).

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