Centre of excellence for diesel locomotives.

Diesel-powered locomotives and their components are subject to a wide range of influences in daily use. To counter the consequences, regular overhauls of vehicles and components are essential.

We can extend the lifecycle of your locomotives with maintenance and modernisation programmes custom-tailored to your specific needs, thus ensuring smooth operations and offering an interesting alternative to procuring new rolling stock.

Our full service portfolio at a glance.

As specialists in diesel locomotives, we repair a wide variety of vehicle components as part of overhauls. We handle all diesel locomotive maintenance work – from planning to delivery of inspected vehicles ready for operation. Our portfolio of diesel-powered locomotives includes combustion-based shunting locomotives and service vehicles.Our services include in particular:

Overhauls and repairs.

  • Shunting locomotives and tractors: shunters handled include classes Am 843, Am 842, Am 841, Tm III and Tm 232
  • Diesel engines and their components rated up to 2,000 kW: we refurbish diesel engines in skilled, workmanlike fashion – from dismantling into its individual parts and refurbishing each component, to re-assembly and installation of the freshly overhauled engine. We have expertise in all established makes and models of engines, such as Caterpillar, Mercedes Benz and MTU.
  • Vehicles for engineering and construction services: these include engineering, track maintenance and overhead power-line vehicles

In addition to specific diesel-powered locomotives, our portfolio includes maintenance and overhaul services for the following vehicles and components:

  • Cranes (e.g. from Kirow, Palfinger and Bendini)
  • Fire-fighting and rescue trains
  • Special-purpose rolling stock (e.g. lifting platforms, tunnel ventilation vehicles, snowblowers and vehicles for installation and erection work)
  • Compressors

Diesel engine test rig.

We put every overhauled engine to the acid test:  we use our own engine test rig to check the systems' performance data and functioning. A test report is produced to certify the results.

Modernisation of diesel locomotives.

We perform modernisation work that maintains and increases the value of your vehicles. Our experience is based on tried-and-tested modernisation programmes, such as that involving the modernisation of 40 Tm IV class shunters, in which vehicle components were reconditioned and new components installed.  Investment and maintenance costs can be reduced, and the service life of vehicles extended by 20 years and more.

How you benefit.

These measures maintain and increase the value of your vehicles, ensuring maximum operating safety and availability. Our vast expertise with all kinds of diesel locomotives and our continuous improvement process enable us to continually optimise our services.Thanks to our specialist knowledge of modernisation projects, we can prolong the service life of your vehicles.

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