Centre of excellence for FLIRT and GTW.

A new generation of vehicles is now rolling in. The FLIRT (flexible, lightweight, innovative regional train) and GTW (articulated trainset) are proving particularly popular.

SBB Passenger has been buying FLIRT trains since 2004 and, with its subsidiaries, has Europe's biggest fleet of FLIRT and GTW units. In recent years we have built up a wealth of experience in the operation and maintenance of these vehicles.

Our full service portfolio at a glance.

Thanks to new approaches to improving quality and availability, to modular overhaul and to maintenance, rolling stock can be maintained during natural idle periods. We offer a complete range of maintenance services from preventive and curative measures right through to full overhauls. We carry out regular and one-off maintenance on 120 FLIRT trainsets and the same number of GTW units. Our product areas include:

  • maintenance
  • curative maintenance
  • overhauls of all components in the FLIRT and GTW fleets
  • repairs
  • management and execution of modification orders
  • material pooling
  • fleet monitoring and supervision
  • damage checks and assessments including reporting
  • vehicle conversions
  • ultrasound checks for cracks

How you benefit.

We combine manufacturers’ specifications and operators’ business parameters with our expertise, guaranteeing quality and vehicle availability. Our professionalism and an operational concept geared to the latest generation of vehicles enables us to offer short downtimes and deliver a high level of technical safety.

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