Overhauls and upgrades.

Regular overhauls of vehicles and components are essential for ensuring the availability and safety of rolling stock.

We can extend the lifecycle of your vehicles with upgrade programmes specific to your needs, thus offering an interesting alternative to procuring new rolling stock. As a general contractor, we will handle all heavy maintenance work for you. Our knowledge extends to all vehicle types: modern passenger coaches, multiple units, diesel and electric locomotives, freight wagons and service vehicles.

Overhauls and repairs.

We will repair a wide variety of vehicle components as part of an overhaul, notably:

  • bogie reconditioning
  • wheelset maintenance at levels IH1 to IH3
  • repairs to ETCS and ZUB train control systems
  • repairs to brake systems
  • corrosion remediation
  • interior fittings, including refurbishment of upholstery
  • window repairs
  • installation of noise-reduction features

Vehicle modernisation.

Tailored modernisation programmes extend the vehicles’ life cycle. Our wealth of experience comes from a number of different modernisation programmes:

  • Domino modernisation
  • EuroCity modernisation
  • modernisation of the TmIV shunting tractors

Vehicle repairs.

When it comes to vehicle damage or an accident, what you need is a speedy solution. You’re now faced with the question of what to do. That’s where we come in, supporting you with a comprehensive concept ranging from logging the damage through to getting your vehicle back up and running. We repair all locomotives, coaches and wagons, regardless of their track gauge or model.

Integrated solutions.

As a general overhaul and modernisation contractor we carry out the entire process for you. In addition to the actual overhaul and modernisation work, our portfolio also includes:

  • professional project management including coordination of major orders with SBB’s various maintenance depots
  • technical support in the development of overhaul programmes
  • further optimisation thanks to close networking with the light maintenance units

How you benefit.

Our value-preserving and value-enhancing work ensures maximum operating safety and availability. Thanks to our experience and the ongoing improvement process, we are continually optimising our services. Our tailored modernisation programmes adapt your vehicles to your customers’ needs.