Modernisation reference projects.

The Domino modernisation programme.

The average age of the NPZ multiple units is 18 years, while that of the trailer coaches is 48 years. The vehicles no longer meet the needs of today’s passengers. In the Domino modernisation programme we are supplementing the old with the new.

A combination of two approaches.

In the Domino modernisation programme, the existing power cars and driving trailers are modified and modernised:

  • installation of air-conditioning in passenger compartments and cab
  • replacement of side windows
  • installation of SBB Online Train elements (video surveillance, customer information system, passenger counting system)
  • contemporary interior design
  • new control line and motive power control
  • modern parking position
  • new gear unit

The trailer coaches are replaced with newly built vehicles. For disabled passengers in particular, there is high proportion of low-floor space plus wheelchair-friendly toilets and specially adapted seating.

Several strengths combined.

As general contractors, we modernise the multiple units and driving trailers and procure new trailer coaches. In addition, we bring the modernised trains into service and carry out all the test coordination work.

The EuroCity coach modernisation programme.

Today, SBB’s EuroCity coaches mainly operate outside of Switzerland. However, due to the introduction of new vehicle types for international services, they are now being replaced and thus increasingly being used within Switzerland. Swiss railway passengers have high expectations of rolling stock. To meet these needs, we are modernising 236 EuroCity vehicles.

Practice-proven features are supplemented by innovative ones.

In the EuroCity modernisation programme, the coaches undergo value-preserving work as well as being modernised and fitted with new technical features:

  • R3 overhaul
  • Window reconditioning
  • Replacement of armrests in 2nd class
  • Replacement of power supply system
  • Replacement of cooling agent
  • Fitting of new anti-slip protection
  • Standardisation of appearance
  • Modernisation of interior (installation of power sockets, replacement of upholstery, installation of customer information and communication system)
  • Fitting out for push-pull operation
  • Installation of enclosed toilet systems
  • Implementation of the requirements of the Swiss Federal Act on Equality for People with Disabilities
  • Area for bicycles and skis
  • Compliance with fire safety standards

Tm IV modernisation programme.

Now over 30 years old, the Tm IV class locomotives are used mainly for shunting. Various components are reaching the end of their life cycles. Owing to the vehicles’ age, replacement parts are rare and increasingly have to be made specially. Maintenance costs are rising.

Modernisation to reduce maintenance costs.

Modernisation of these locomotives entails alterations to various parts of the vehicle, the installation of new components and the retention of certain assemblies unchanged.

  • Alterations involve pneumatic systems, safety control, electric wiring and reversing gear
  • New turbocharged diesel engines, soot particle filters, oil-free piston compressors, digital speed indicators, vehicle controls, radio remote controls and anti-slip mechanisms are among the components that are installed
  • The basic structure of the locomotive remains unchanged, nor are there any changes to the mechanical braking system, vehicle weight or wheelsets. All of these components undergo an R3 overhaul

All maintenance engineering work on the vehicle is redesigned. It is made more accessible and maintenance-friendly, while the latest generation of particle filters improve its environmental compatibility.