Maintenance PC/Diagnostic kit.

In maintenance, vehicles are increasingly serviced and inspected in natural idle periods. A wide range of maintenance applications are needed to service ICT systems, such as for customer information systems, security systems, door control, control technology etc. As an additional challenge, all systems need to be available to all diagnostics specialists in all locations.

Our solution – the electronic toolkit.

It provides the ideal solution: organised by vehicle type, the required maintenance systems with all the customer-specific configurations are made available on a laptop with the relevant sets of cables. This means that  security system settings or individual ICT system functions can be checked, software updates can be uploaded to the vehicles or data can be uploaded to the local vehicle applications. Maintenance and diagnostics work can be carried out in an efficient and user-friendly manner.

Completely tailored to your vehicle portfolio, all the necessary maintenance tools, software and data are installed on the maintenance PC and kept up-to-date by customer-specific software updates as you need them.

How you benefit.

The maintenance PC/diagnostic kit offers many benefits:

  • Ideal support tool with direct access to several systems
  • Simplified handling using integrated tools
  • Flexible operational planning for locations and diagnostic technicians
  • Safe working thanks to clear working steps, preconfigured software, interfaces and standard management of updates
  • User-friendly Windows operating system

It is also an attractive financial investment: thanks to the option of modular expansion of the maintenance tools, the toolkit can be continuously tailored to the needs of your operating fleet.

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