SBB supports the SWICO standard.

You can transmit your QR in-payment slip and use the SWICO standard to ensure that your invoice can be read easily, quickly and without errors.

The following information at the very least must be completed in the invoice information field of the QR invoice, so that our software can better recognise the information:


Refers to




Beginning of the text


Required at the beginning of the code


SWICO syntax version


Current version 1, required at the beginning of the code


Invoice number


Free text with the invoice number


Document date


Date in the format yymmdd


Customer reference

/20/4712345678 or /20/

Order number or purchaser’s SBB e-mail address


UID number of the supplier


UID CHE-106.017.086 without CHE prefix, hyphen or MWST/TVA/IVA/VAT suffix


Conditions or list of conditions


0% discount for 30 days (payable up to 30 days after document date)

If you are transmitting a QR code, please avoid sending the in-payment slip as well. 

More detailed information about SWICO’s syntax definition can be found here (in German) Link opens in new window.

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