Resale rail vehicles.

SBB operates the densest rail network in the world. Maintenance and renovation work can often only be done without interrupting rail operations, presenting challenges for the railway vehicles we use for it. Their reliability is of utmost importance.

We put used vehicles up for sale when we replace our fleet. These vehicles are licensed to travel on the Swiss standard-gauge network. They have been serviced according to in-house requirements and are ready for operation. The railway vehicles can be equipped according to the customer’s requirements on request.

Our railway vehicles are used on the Swiss track network for shunting, construction site work and one-off assignments. They are valued for their reliability and ease of operation and have been optimised for their respective use. All railway vehicles on sale are in operation right until the day they are sold. They can be customised for future use.

The advantages of SBB’s used railway vehicles.

  • Good value for money
  • Tried-and-tested used vehicles
  • Vehicles that have been continuously maintained and serviced

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