Railway closure digitalization (TUSP): introducing a safer future.

TUSP is an end-to-end solution for railway workers to help increase awareness of their surroundings when in the field, enable closure requests for track objects which they interact with and document all completed work.

The TUSP end-to-end solution is aimed at railway workers in the fi­eld, helping both with the location and closure of objects they interact with (tracks, switches, derailers, etc). TUSP further helps reduce errors, by adding a visual communication channel to the closure process as well as enabling the electronic documentation of any work done.

The TUSP is built using the latest technology stacks. New iOS and web technology features are continually being incorporated. State of the art backend cloud solutions ensure robustness and scalability.

In a network that is so intensively used, such as the one of SBB, maintenance work has to be managed in a way that combines effi­ciency and safety. Users are at the core of TUSP development. Triweekly demonstrations of the latest improvements and features and continual incorporation of feedback have led to a product with high user acceptance. 

TUSP’s four core purposes improve user safety:

  • Reliable and traceable information
  • Visualization and execution of the closure process
  • Focus on safety
  • Electronic documentation made easy

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