Train monitoring system (ZKE): uncompromising safety.

Thanks to train monitoring systems (ZKE), SBB serves as a reference point for train control throughout Europe. Train monitoring systems greatly improve safety by detecting risks early, which has prevented hundreds of thousands of minutes of delay, increasing train path availability.

The train monitoring systems check any passing trains for safety-related features as well as routes located in sections that are at risk from natural hazards. At the same time, the systems make it possible to identify any hazards affecting the train which could emerge during the journey, specifically before the train reaches critical sections of the route. Any irregularities trigger an alert, thereby preventing incidents.

SBB uses various types of train monitoring system to ensure optimum safety and availability for the railway network, including radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for automatic vehicle identification and wheel load checkpoints (RLC), which prevent damage to rolling stock, unsuitable load distribution or load displacement and damage to the infrastructure caused by heavy loads.

The benefits of ZKE.

  • Improves safety by detecting risks early
  • Maintains route availability through early identification of suitable investments
  • General overview of several system types