Asset management.

We thoroughly coordinate our activities in order to generate the maximum benefit from our assets: our fleet of passenger transport vehicles and our maintenance facilities.

We make sure the SBB Passenger Division fleet operates safely and reliably, at home and abroad, round the clock on every day of the year. SBB regional and long-distance services are our customers, and we are responsible for life-cycle management for the passenger transport fleet. Operating also handles facility management and competency management. We also ensure that fleet resource planning is consistent, and define resource requirements for maintenance and cleaning in the regions and facilities.

Life-cycle management.

The core elements of integral life-cycle management under ISO 55000 are the technical, financial and strategic modelling of assets – especially rolling stock, in our case. The central factor is that the fleet is considered on a comprehensive, forward-looking basis over the rolling stock’s entire lifetime. Operating is introducing life-cycle management in stages.

Fleet engineering.

Fleet engineering monitors passenger rolling stock to ensure its safe condition, and maintains system reliability and availability over its entire life cycle. In order to define and develop rolling-stock maintenance systems our specialists analyse system status and take account of technical and regulatory guidelines. We also translate our customers’ wishes into technical requirements, and monitor their implementation. We thus create transparent preconditions for timely, economic production.

Production planning.

We plan national and international rolling-stock schedules and maintenance services in close collaboration with our partners. We also prepare and manage the production programme for the maintenance and cleaning of our own fleet. We are responsible for devising service and production concepts for the passenger transport fleet.

Facility management.

We plan, construct and operate maintenance facilities and building infrastructures in good time and in line with requirements. Our project leaders manage facility and construction projects and procure services and operating materials. One task of facility management technology is to ensure that facilities are available.

Competency management.

Our competency management system supports line management in its efforts to empower staff for their varied activities, and to be aware of competency status at all times. We identify and quantify training needs, and provide basic and advanced training courses for Operating.

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