Fleet procurement and strategic purchasing.

We procure new rolling stock, handle the purchase of the means of production and technologies for fleet maintenance, and are responsible for supplier management. We are also responsible for SBB Passenger Division’s purchasing and supplier strategy.

Rolling stock procurement.

Every year, SBB invests around one billion Swiss francs in new trains and modernising the existing fleet. We have profound knowledge of the entire procurement process from the definition of requirements to fleet roll-out. We provide a detailed initial stocking concept for new customers and their fleets.

A strategic focus of our service is developing and enhancing “life cycle cost” methodology. We have many years’ experience of working with the major rolling stock manufacturers.

Strategic purchasing.

Our strategic purchasing process and professional supplier management, together with the implementation of sustainable procurement strategies, guarantee the highest quality of purchasing for the SBB Passenger Division. A coordinated lead-buyer system enables group-wide purchasing to be pooled.

Trial and licensing runs.

We undertake the complete organisation and implementation of trial and licensing runs for rolling stock and components, and also type testing – in Switzerland and abroad. We also support our customers on questions of operating fleet roll-out.

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