Locomotive driver management.

We transport our customers safely, punctually and economically throughout Switzerland, observing internal and statutory guidelines on safety, quality and sustainability.

Every day our resource planning unit plans, manages and controls locomotive crew deployment for 5,500 trains. We also provide our locomotive crews with professional basic and advanced training.

Locomotive crews.

2,661 locomotive drivers lead SBB Passenger trains safely and competently through Switzerland and bordering regions. The Train Driving unit makes sure that locomotive crews receive effective training, efficiently and precisely when needed. Our examination experts – specialists certified by the Federal Office of Transport – make use of appropriate examination material to ensure that the knowledge of our locomotive crews complies with applicable laws and also carry out examinations related to train operations. The Train Driving unit provides locomotive crews with equipment that is state of the art and exactly what is needed for the task, and communicates in a way that is appropriate for the target audience.

Resource planning.

Over 80 specialists handle planning, management and control, together with HR controlling. Annual planning and allocation are dealt with here, as is the daily deployment of locomotive crews. We are also responsible for organising locomotive crews to work special trains at short notice, as well as for changing train driver rosters to adapt to the current traffic situation.

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