Materials logistics.

We are responsible for ensuring that spare parts ordered for Passenger Division rolling stock are delivered in the right quantity and the right quality to the right place at the right time.

To this end we manage over 195,000 different items and process 316,000 components per year in our works. We manage the agreed spare parts pool for SBB Cargo, SBB Infrastructure and external customers. We recondition their components, or order them from internal or external providers as required.


We plan the material requirement for new and reconditioned components on a rolling basis, taking planned figures, condition values and past experience into account. We then notify Purchasing of our various requirements. We conduct an ongoing internal review of production capacities, adapting these in line with requirements or procuring them externally.

Technical support.

We have the technical resources for the active management of critical components, and we have drawn up the necessary quality guidelines for reconditioning. We are constantly increasing our knowledge of MTBF (mean time between failure) values, and we initiate the necessary adjustments to technical enhancements. We actively support the life-cycle cost team, and we develop proposals to cut costs.

Component reconditioning.

Our reconditioning works in Olten and Yverdon have broad expertise in the reconditioning of vehicle components for passenger rolling stock. We have very wide experience of trailer and motor bogies, including transmissions, engines, air-conditioning units, sanitary and pneumatic components, automatic couplings and upholstery items. We repair or rectify components in accordance with clear, agreed standards to a high quality and at competitive market prices. This makes an important contribution to keeping rolling stock safe and available.


We are familiar with the procurement needs of rolling-stock operators. We arrange and procure maintenance materials, and we ensure that rolling stock components can be readily supplied throughout Switzerland. We optimise our inventories on an ongoing basis. Close collaboration with our internal and external partners is the key to our success.


We know our customers’ logistics requirements. At 16 locations all over Switzerland we manage maintenance materials for the Passenger, Infrastructure and Cargo rolling stock. We arrange rapid transfers in urgent cases, return components for reconditioning, and monitor the expiry dates of all items.

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