Train preparation.

We make sure that SBB Passenger Division trains – and also those of other partners – are clean and ready to depart on time and in the correct formation.

We also plan and arrange all necessary services. In the “light maintenance” area we maintain and repair rolling stock during natural idle periods.

Preventive and corrective maintenance close to operations.

Regular, scheduled maintenance of the SBB Passenger Division’s fleet is carried out to high quality standards in natural idle periods. In order to maximise rolling-stock availability, repairs and component replacement are carried out on site wherever possible. The staff at our service locations all over Switzerland are on duty 24/7. Our in-depth knowledge of light maintenance is second to none, and your guarantee of high-quality workmanship. Our competencies embrace all types of rolling stock used by SBB and our partner railways for regional and long-distance services. We also offer solutions for other partners and external customers. Our repair centre in Zurich Altstetten is a centre of excellence for demanding repair work on out-of-service vehicles. Here we rectify malfunctions in rolling stock, fulfil change orders, replace and repair defective components, and put right damage caused by accidents and vandalism. We create quality.

Vehicle cleaning.

As a general contractor for cleaning, we provide a complete range of cleaning services – from devising a cleaning strategy and cleaning the vehicles right through to quality control. Because we maintain cleaning facilities at a large number of locations in Switzerland, we can clean vehicles even during short periods of downtime. We also provide cleaning services for vehicles on the move if required. The focus in this area is very much on sustainability. Environmentally compatible cleaning products and recycling activities are a constant feature of our day-to-day work. We create customer satisfaction.

Marshalling services.

Every day our professional and efficient marshalling teams ensure that trains are ready to depart on time and in the correct formation. They couple and uncouple locomotives, form up trains, substitute coaches and carry out brake tests. In the station area they shunt trains and prepare them for departure in the correct formation. We have marshalling teams at numerous locations, with their own shunting engines where necessary. We attach enormous importance in our day-to-day work to safety: the safety of our staff and operating safety. We create safety.

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