Railway Engineering Centre.

Innovation you can rely on.

Whether points, rails or signals, the SBB Railway Engineering Centre in Hägendorf makes custom-made products for building and maintaining railway infrastructure and delivers them directly to the construction site.

The Railway Engineering Centre is Switzerland’s largest production centre for rail engineering parts. In addition to manufacturing points and supplying and upgrading rails, the Railway Engineering Centre also specialises in producing rail panels, power transmission lines, signals and control centre components, as well as reconditioning point actuators and relays. It is also well-versed in environmentally friendly recycling and sophisticated storage and transport logistics.

All-around service.

Employees at the Railway Engineering Centre manufacture points and rail panels with wooden, concrete and steel sleepers and deliver them installation-ready to the construction site specified by the customer. Thanks to our just-in-time solutions, customers receive the customised products they require exactly when they are needed. This process is assured by the specially developed point and rail transport units. Once the products have been installed, we supply replacement parts to our customers. Should an incident occur, the Railway Engineering Centre’s emergency response team is available round the clock to ensure that any required replacement parts are manufactured and delivered as quickly as possible.

Attractive workplaces in Hägendorf.

The Railway Engineering Centre in Hägendorf provides a modern and attractive workplace for around 200 employees. Specialists such as track layers, mechanical engineers, metalworkers, polytechnicians, engineers, logisticians and traders guarantee a high-quality service.

Additional information and job vacancies can be found in the SBB career portal.

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