SBB Infrastructure provides a range of IT tools for use in everyday activities. Access to the tools is provided to customers upon request.

Product Brief Description Link
NeTS-AVIS NeTS-AVIS is the path-ordering tool for all planning horizons and types of traffic NeTS
RCS ALEA The warning and incident software for all process-relevant businesses and railway companies throughout Switzerland Fact Sheet RCS (PDF, 387 KB)This document is not barrier-free. (PDF, 387 KB)
ZNT Train-number terminal emulation using controlling technology driven by location and path data. No forecast messages! Fact Sheet ZNT (PDF, 68 KB)This document is not barrier-free. (PDF, 68 KB)
KVZ KVZ supports the analysis and reporting of train travel times and punctuality based on debicode, train type, etc. Fact Sheet KVZ (PDF, 153 KB)This document is not barrier-free. (PDF, 153 KB)
ErZu supports the analysis and reporting of incidents in train traffic based on incident code, debicode, etc. Fact Sheet ErZu (PDF, 170 KB)This document is not barrier-free. (PDF, 170 KB)
CIS Infra The cargo information system for railway freight companies Fact Sheet CIS Infra (PDF, 96 KB)This document is not barrier-free. (PDF, 96 KB)
Basisaccount Citrix Access to the SBB IT systems landscape for use of licensed IT applications Citrix (In German)