Customer information.

Public transport is becoming more complex as the range of transport services expands. More travellers are on the go and connecting times need to be kept to a minimum. By keeping customers well informed we also keep trains running on time.

Information on Europe’s densest rail network.

SBB Infrastructure’s Customer Information department sees to it that the information provided on the SBB network is reliable, timely and comprehensive. Thanks to their high level of automation, our systems allow us to provide in real time consistently high-quality news of travelling conditions, regardless of location or event.

You too can benefit from our proven expertise in designing, constructing and implementing start-to-finish customer information systems – and from our many years of experience in railway operations.

Customer System.

Thanks to its integration platform, our Customer System (CUS) serves as the backbone for SBB’s state-of-the-art customer information services. It consolidates data from all relevant sources, processes them in accordance with control files, then transmits them through various channels so they can be displayed in the appropriate form for passengers in railway stations and trains.


We would be more than happy to assist you with all issues relating to customer information systems used in public transport networks – including the design, implementation and operation of complex solutions. In addition, we will gladly organise training courses to share our specialised knowledge with your employees.

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