NeTS – Network-wide Track Management System.

Creating a timetable for Europe’s densest rail network.

As transport networks accommodate greater volumes of traffic, the ability to plan timetables exactly becomes increasingly important. With its Network-wide Track Management System (NeTS) , SBB has a highly developed tool for precise timetable planning at its disposal.

The high level of punctuality enjoyed by SBB customers is based on robust and precise timetable planning. NeTS integrates all rail network planning activities: annual and daily planning, line and junction planning, closures and reduced speed sections in addition to the entire workflow for train path allocation. Specific data and services such as topology data, the calculation of travel times, rolling stock, authentications and authorisations are all provided through defined interfaces. This means that NeTS can be completely integrated into an existing system landscape.

Integrated train path planning.

By using a range of tools such as distance-time diagrams with integrated train graphs, occupation diagrams, path and train editor, interval family editor or the calendar of operation days, the annual planning, continuous planning and the short-term planning for the timetable can all be efficiently accomplished.

Seamless train path applications.

All participating railway operating companies, infrastructure providers and path allocation units are connected to the application and are able to directly record to and initiate processing in the application. As a result of the comprehensive workflow the applications are seamlessly and efficiently integrated into the planning and implementation processes.


As maintenance planning is an integral part of NeTS, the planning and coordination of all closures and reduced speed sections can be coordinated across the entire network. This means that anticipated engineering and maintenance work is taken directly into account in the annual planning and the continuous planning of the timetable.